School Talks

Teachers, would your students enjoy a visit by a local author? Are you having a Readathon? If you are having a readathon, I am pleased to come and read to young children from grades  JK-6 I will come to any school in Essex County as long as my travel is covered for longer distances.  I can be reached by email to janesbuttery@gmail.com or by phone to 519-738-4708. 

Longer Class Visits

Primary Level

Grade JK-1, I read to children up to Grade 1 and involvethem indramatizing abook, such as  “If I could go to the Harrow Fair” Grade I could group work-writing to a patternor just enjoying composing orally, loving words.

With grade 2/3 –  I read some of a book , showing the pattern and encourage writing response in a format, I prepare for the class. This may lead to class book making.

Junior Level

Gr. 4-5 may like to know about pioneer times and the underground railway, so I use a Power point presentation based on my book An Unexpected Friendship Amherstburg 1846
Gr.6 ‘How to write what you know’; or  a Social studies power point presentation based on a historical novel about the time of 1812-14 war.

Senior Level

Grade 7-8  I use another presentation about how to interview a family member or an important person about the kind of life they have had. I give out suggestions from my experience of doing this. I can also do one on history.I will do 3 different classes during one morning for a set sum. Please contact me for details.

Record Your Life Story with Jane

Did you know you have a treasure to give your family?

The book, written for the McGirr Family, is an example of an 8’’ by 11” book. Some are smaller, but all are treasured.

Talks for adult Groups