It's A Grandma Day(2018)

It’s A Grandma Day(2018) celebrates the fun a small boy and Grandma have together. He loves helping in her garden, playing games, and reading books Grandma cooks a special cake. Their love for each other shines through till her hugs at bedtime make the day just right Children aged 1-5 years will enjoy the delightful illustrations and love looking for the mice! See the small video to tempt you to try the ebook on Amazon for $2.99.
An ideal gift for a new mom.
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Lavender Dream New (2020)

Lavender Dream New (2020) is a tale of two children playing in a garden. They have different ideas about how to have the most fun, so they separate for a while. Billy goes off on his bike, and Milly decides to think of how she could grow lavender. But it’s not much fun without being together. Read on to discover what happens in the end through Eleni’s wonderful whimsical illustrations. Appeals to children and adults. 4-9 Reading level Grade 3-4.

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True Friends: A Jack Miner Goose Tale (2015)

True Friends (2015) is a tale about the Canada goose. It is a true story about why Jack Miner started a sanctuary in 1914. The story revolves around the two geese, revealing their loyalty to each other and their interest in visitors until something dramatic happens. Information about Jack Miner’s work for conservation is included. 

It interests all children Reading level:  gr.4-5

Paperback is Can $12.00    US $10.25

If I Could Go To Point Pelee (2016)

If I could go to Point Pelee(2016) takes the reader to Canada’s southern National Park, where many people come to watch the spring and fall bird migrations. There are special activities in the park every month, and Elsie’s watercolors and collage pictures make each month stand out. Short verses and a history make it interesting to tourists.

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No, Says ... I Love You! (2002)


No says I love you  is about a little boy’s day with his mother ,He keepes trying to play with things that may hurt him so his Mom has to say No! often. But his mom loves him and she is protecting him. Sometimes they do a puzzle or read a book. When his Dad comes home, Sam is sad because Mom said No so often!. He has fun in the bath and goes safely to bed.  ( it keeps moving on me)

Interest: JK-gr 1

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I Know The Rules, DO YOU? (2002)


I know the rules.DO YOU? Is about three friends playing ‘Pretend it’s a Fire!” Sam comes to join Tanya and Mandy and is made a fireman. After a while Tanya gets cross and leaves to return to her Gran. After more play, Mandy and Sam come down for lunch and Sam spots fire! Mr. Watkins rushed to help and the others stay outside. It’s an exciting and scary time when there is areal fire.

Interest level JK- Gr.2

Can $5.00



If I Could Go To The Harrow Fair

If I could go to the Harrow Fair (2004) is about a boy remembering what he loves about the fair before he can go. He loves tractors, animals and the rides. He hopes to meet friends and eat at the fair. Just thinking about it makes him ready to go when his dad takes him.

Order on demand Of interest to all ages. Reading level gr.3

Can $10 Special order

Colasanti Book Cover smallerstpg 1

Let's Go To Colasanti's

Let’s go to Colasanti’s tells children about the fun to be had at this tropical greenhouse where there are animals and rides as well as many different kinds of plants. Families love visits there and it is now over 60 years old. People can get good snacks or even meals there so young people find part time work.

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A Cookie For The Christ Child

A small girl helps others as she tries to leave a cookie for Jesus. book contains a cookie recipe and a Christmas carol.

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Red Dragon Rises


Red Dragon Rises:  There is danger in the air. Lord Vortigern fears the Saxons and needs help. But Where’s the Dragon? It takes a boy, Merlin, to reveal the answer so that the “Red Dragon Rises.” Read this old tale that happened 1500 years ago! An exciting action chapter book.

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Surprise Surprise

Jane’s Newest Book!

This book comprises 3 longer stories like chapters for children over 6-10years, taken from 3 Biblical events. Adults enjoy reading them too. Interests 6-adult

Price CAN $ 13.50 – US $10.30

Mei Ling Discovers Jack Miner

Mei Ling discovers Jack Minertells how a Chinese immigrant comes to learn about the Canada geese and the famous conservation as she visits his bird sanctuary. There is also a mystery about Mei Ling.

Reading level 4-5

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An Unexpected Friendship

An Unexpected Friendship: Amherstburg 1846 is about how two boys become good friends and fight prejudice in a pioneer town. Being black, Josh is bullied by a gang but Seamus supports him. Josh teaches Seamus to read and we learn about how black people helped in 1838 Rebellion and got land. The story is based on real facts.

Price CAN $13.50 – US $10.30

Two At The Crossroads

Two at the Crossroads: Tecumapese and Catharine Malott Girty Living from 1760’s- 1815, times were hard on women and families. Catharine was a captive of Shawnee for 4 years and Tecumseh’s sister had a hard life, moving from invasive new settlers. But they remained in touch. A novel adults enjoy. The result of 2 years research.

Interest Adult Reading Level Adult

Price CAN $14.50 – US 11.00

No, Says ... I Love You! (2002) & I Know The Rules, DO YOU? (2002


Bundle No, says … I love you! with I know the Rules, DO YOU? for $10.00 (Save $2.00)